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Births, Deaths, and Events for 11 December

About This Day

     This is day 345 of the year 2017.
     There are 20 days left to 2017.

Thought For The Day

     "The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion."



1882   Fiorello La Guardia - (Mayor-R-NY, 1933-45)
1913   Carlo Ponti - Milan, Italy, married to Sophia Loren/director (2 Women)
1918   Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - Russia, writer (Cancer Ward, Nobel 1970)
1926   Big Mama Thornton - blues singer (Ball & Chain, Stronger than Dirt)
1931   Rita Moreno [Rosa Dolores Alverio] - Humacao, Puerto Rico, (West Side Story)
1934   Ron Carey - Newark, NJ, actor (Barney Miller, Montefuscos, High Anxiety)
1939   Tom Hayden - 60's activist/Mr Jane Fonda/(Representative-D-CA)
1940   David Gates - Tulsa, OK, musician (Bread-If, Everything I Own)
1944   Booker T. Jones - US organist (Booker T & MGs-Green Onions) [or Nov 12]
1947   Teri Garr - Lakewood, OH, actress (Mr Mom, Young Frankenstein)
1950   Christine Onassis [Andreadis] - New York, NY, Aristotle's daughter
1954   Jermaine Jackson - Gary, IN, singer (Jackson 5-ABC)
1965   Laurie Carr - Dallas, TX, playmate (December 1986)
1966   Gary Dourdan - Philadelphia, PA, actor ("CSI")
1970   Victoria Fuller - Santa Barbara, CA, playmate (January 1996)
1973   Mos Def - Brooklyn, NY, musician, actor (Italian Job, Monster's Ball)



1902   Matthias Hohner - German manufacturer (harmonica), dies at 68
1964   Sam Cooke - US, singer (You Send Me, Sad Moon), slain at a motel at 33
1964   Percy Kilbride - actor (Ma & Pa Kettle), dies at 76
1991   Headman Tshabala - musician (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), slain at 44
1996   W.G.G. Duncan-Smith - fighter pilot, dies at 82



   National Noodle Ring Day
1620   103 Mayflower pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock (good timing, folks)
1844   1st dental use of nitrous oxide, Hartford, CT
1901   Marconi sends 1st transatlantic radio signal, Cornwall to Newfoundland (using technology stolen from Tesla)
1909   Colored moving pictures demonstrated at Madison Square Garden, New York NY
1936   King Edward VIII abdicates throne to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson; Duke of York becomes King George VI
1941   Germany & Italy declare war on US
1941   Japanese occupy Guam
1941   Japanese attack Wake Island (only failed WWII-landing)
1946   UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) established (Nobel 1965)
1961   JFK provides US military helicopters & crews to South Vietnam
1961   Adolf Eichmann is found guilty of war crimes, in Israel
1967   SST prototype "Concorde" 1st shown (France)
1972   Astronauts Cernan & Harrison become 11th & 12th on the Moon
1978   6 masked men bound 10 employees at Lufthansa cargo area at New York Kennedy Airport & made off with $5.8 million in cash & jewelry
1981   Muhammad Ali's 61st & last fight, losing to Trevor Berbick
1981   Spacelab I arrives at Kennedy Space Center
1981   UN Security Council chose Javier Perez de Cuellar of Peru as 5th Secretary-General
1985   Computer store owner in Sacramento, CA, killed by package bomb (Unabomber)
1990   13 die in 83 vehicle accident in Chattanooga TN (I-75), due to fog
1990   US 69th manned space mission STS 35 (Columbia 11) returns from space
1991   William Kennedy Smith found not guilty of rape
1992   Nor'easter storm hits New York, doing $650 million+ worth of damage
1997   Federal judge orders Microsoft not to bundle IE4 in Windows



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